Making the Team

captureWhen Hannah doesn’t make the Grade 8 girls basketball team and her best friend June does, Hannah misses playing basketball and being part of a team. Worse, she and June don’t spend as much time together and start growing apart. How can Hannah make sure that she makes the team next year while all the other players are playing more and getting better this year?

“The conflicts and decisions of the main characters are very real for a very challenging age, and handled deftly by Blair, who brings both basketball and literary credibility.” – Resource Links

Remembering how June saved her from being bullied when they first met, Hannah helps a classmate from being bullied, he returns the favour by teaching her about goal-setting and planning. As she develops her basketball skills and confidence, she realizes she stands a good shot at making the high school team. But can she ever get her friendship with June back?

Making the Team is Kelsey’s third book! To purchase, visit Lorimer by clicking here.