Ugly Kicks

Ugly Kicks

“Author Kelsey Blair knows basketball and how to tell a story. Her portrait of clashing personalities and competitive rivalry is varied and realistic, right down to the “ugly kicks” of her protagonist Ashley” – Lesley Little, Resource Links

Ashley Rivera’s single mom can’t afford to buy her new basketball shoes — she doesn’t even have enough for the registration fee when Ashley makes the city basketball team. So Ashley takes on extra work to make the money she needs to play basketball. Soon Ashley’s overloaded schedule makes her too tired for school and her friends, and she can’t take it when the popular girl on her team suddenly starts teasing her about her ragged sneakers.

Ugly Kicks by Kelsey Blair is a truly touching and inspiring young adult fiction. Ashley’s journey feels real… [and her determination makes her a positive role model… The chapters are short and the story moves quickly. This feel good story does not disappoint.” – Keep Calm and Novel On, Netgalley Reviewer

Does Ashley even want to keep playing? With the help of friends old and new, and with surprising support from her brother, Ashley figures out how to afford the price of play.

Ugly Kicks is Kelsey’s second book. To purchase, click here.

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